How To Turn ON Double Tap And Wake Up Note 9

Sneak peeks are awesome, especially when people are so excited about getting the novelties. But the problem is that not all those sneak peeks turn out to be real. And in the case of the Note 9, the much-expected double tap option proved to be a disappointment. Those who were sure that they will soon enough have the chance to wake up or send back to rest mode the display of this smartphone with a double tap know what we’re talking about. While that thing didn’t happen, Samsung compensated in a way by introducing the Always On display feature…


Now, the reason why so many users wanted to be able to wake up the screen with a double tap was the fact that they needed information listed on the Home Screen. Since Samsung didn’t make it possible for them to wake up the screen so easily, it compensated by reducing the need to wake up the screen so often. That’s the role played by the Always On display feature, which displays time, date and important notifications, right on the lock screen, all the time.

This way, you will no longer have to unlock the display and check for novelties because the novelties will be… always on your display. Now, some Note 9 users accept this option but others don’t want to settle for less. If you’re a part of the second category, you should know that…


Some Third-Party Apps Can Allow You To Wake Up Note 9 Screen With A Double Tap…

As suggested, the feature is not provided by Samsung, but it was made available by some third-party apps. Like any other third-party app, the one that does such things needs to be installed on the device, so you should begin your quest from the Google Play Store. You’ll find plenty of apps listed in there, apps that claim they can give you a double tap option to wake up or send to sleep your screen. Try them and see how it works for you.

Just note that such third-party apps, as opposed to the Always On display feature, might not go so gentle on your battery. If you notice that the option to turn on double tap and wake up on the Note 9 is draining your battery, reconsider your options!

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