How To Use Huawei P20 Developer Mode

When you buy a new phone it is most likely that you go through all the features and check them to get the best out of your smartphone. But there are a lot of features that are not available until you turn on Developer Mode on Huawei P20. On some smartphones, this may be a little complicated or even disabled Huawei P20 allows to turn Developer Mode on easily to access all the features your smartphone has.

Enabling Developer Mode on Huawei P20 will let you get control over many aspects of the smartphone such as adjusting settings or enabling USB debugging. First of all, you need to enable the developer menu going to the settings. Here is a step to step guide to help you turn on Huawei P20 Developer Mode.


Should I Turn On The Developer Mode On Huawei P20?

Some people are afraid to enable the Developer Mode as they think that they may break the phone or do something wrong and won’t be able to undo it. But on Huawei P20 enabling developer mode will only give you access to many features and advanced settings.


How To Enable Developer Mode On Huawei P20

To enable the Developer Mode on Huawei P20, you need to turn on the smartphone and find the settings in the main menu. In the settings, find “About device” and select “build number.”. Tap on a for a few times and a message will appear on your screen. Now go back to the settings menu of your smartphone.

As you go to the settings menu, you’ll see a new option right above the “About device”, called “Developer Options”. Once you tap on it, it will take you to a menu that was hidden before, turning it on gets you a full control.

In the new menu opened you will find a lot of new features and settings you can use and make Huawei P20 smartphone more customizable.


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