How To Use Huawei P20 Mobile Hotspot Feature

If you want to use the Internet on devices that don’t have the ability to connect to the internet, you might have to use hotspot on Huawei P20. Through the Huawei P20 Hotspot, you can connect the devices that don’t have access to the direct connection by opening their Wi-Fi. The Huawei P20 Hotspot is also a very important feature especially when you are experiencing a poor public Wi-Fi connection.

The Huawei P20 has a longer battery life and this makes the phone great when you want to use the mobile hotspot feature. To start using the Huawei P20 hotspot feature, it is important that you first do the setup on your phone. This is an easy process and you will learn the procedure from the steps that we will share here. Keep reading to find out.


Procedure For Turning On Mobile Hotspot On Huawei P20

  1. Switch on the Huawei P20
  2. Swipe Down From the4 top of the phone screen downwards using two fingers to access the notifications settings
  3. Select the Settings from the phone`s top right corner.
  4. Checkout for Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot option and select it
  5. Click on Mobile Hotspot
  6. Use the Toggle to Switch it On/Off
  7. Tap on OK and an attention screen will appear with the message that you have turned on the Wi-Fi.
  8. From the directions at the bottom of the screen you can now connect the other devices to your Huawei P20 hotspot.


Procedure For Changing Huawei P20 Hotspot Password And Security Type

Huawei P20 will require you to setup the mobile hotspot password. Also, it will use the WPA2 as the default hotspot security. Here are the steps you should follow to add the security settings:

  1. Switch on the Huawei P20
  2. Swipe downwards from the Screen top to Navigate to Notifications settings
  3. Select the Settings from the top right side corner.
  4. Checkout for Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot and Pick the option
  5. Tap on Mobile Hotspot
  6. Click on the three dots that are displayed to be able to see more options.
  7. Tap on Configure
  8. Set the password and select Save.


Note that there are some data plans that will not offer mobile hotspot without having to upgrade the service. If after following the above steps you still cannot use the mobile hotspot, it is recommended that you speak to your service provider so as to checkout if your current data plan allows this feature to be used.

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