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How To Use Incognito Mode On OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is a smartphone that uses common web browsing apps. And just like with any other Internet app, it tracks all your online moves and everything you search for in the online. The good news about it is that, again, just like any other smartphone, OnePlus can let you use the Incognito Mode when navigating via OnePlus Chrome.

In case you didn’t have the chance to test this out on your computer – this mode of privacy is actually working on PC web browsers as well – you’ll have the chance to read everything about it right now.


The direct benefits of the Incognito Mode

Perhaps the name sounds funny to you and you don’t really know what to expect from this experience. If this is a reason strong enough for you to postpone trying the Incognito Mode on OnePlus 5, all that will change today.

This mode is defined by a set of instructions that basically tell the web browser what kind of information to ignore and what kind of information to keep storing, whenever you navigate online. On one hand, it will stop remembering your passwords or any other login credential, as well as the history of your search queries and your navigational history. On the other hand, the browser will continue to store the cookies, regardless of whether you use the Incognito Mode or not.


The exact steps for activating the Incognito Mode

  1. Launch the OnePlus Chrome browser;
  2. Select the 3-dot icon from the upper right corner;
  3. Tap the New Incognito Tab entry.


Once you see the black screen with the notification that you are now using the Incognito Mode, you’re ready to navigate.

The alternative is to install a different browser on your smartphone. Search the OnePlus Play Store for Dolphin Zero or even the Opera Browser and you’ll get to explore some new options of going incognito with your OnePlus 5 smartphone.

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