How To Use Private Mode On Note 9

No matter how many passwords you set to protect content on your Note 9, there’s a high chance that someone will get access to your private information, at some point. That’s why the best way to hide sensitive content is to make it literally invisible. When something cannot be seen, people will not even think about taking a peek at, right? And in case you’re still wondering, the key to making such important content invisible is using the Private Mode.

The Private Mode is a feature that sits right in the Quick Settings menu of the device. You can turn it On or Off just as easily as you turn on or off your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, meaning with one tap on the dedicated icon. And if you do turn it On, you basically enable its Secure Folder by typing a PIN code.


The Secure Folder of the Private Mode is a folder where you can keep all kinds of files and that is always invisible as long as the Private Mode is disabled. The way it works is that:

  1. You select the Private Mode option from the menu of the Note 9;
  2. You type the PIN to enable it;
  3. You Select the Overflow menu of the Secure Folder;
  4. You start selecting the files you wish to move to the Secure Folder;
  5. You use the Move to Private option to transfer those photos, videos etc. to the Secure Folder;
  6. You select the Private Mode option from the menu one more time, to disable it.


These are the only 6 steps required for activating the Private Mode and editing its Secure Folder. The PIN code that we mentioned is a password that you can personally choose and that obviously must remain secret. You will be asked to choose it the first time when you activate the Private Mode, when you’ll also watch a short tutorial supposed to teach you how to use this feature.


Once you’ve been introduced to the Private Mode and the Secure Folder, every time when you want to use it, you need to tap on the Private Mode icon, type the PIN, and edit the Secure Folder. In the end, you tap on the Private Mode one more time, to make sure that you have locked your content and made it invisible, and that’s it. Needless to say, it is essential that no one sees you activating this feature or typing this PIN code if you really want to keep those files under the radar.

As you can imagine, if you use the Private Mode on your Note 9, the hidden files are invisible to anyone as long as the Private Mode is not active.

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