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Huawei P20: Disable Camera Shutter Sounds

In addition to its high megapixel, the Huawei P20 also entails a fantastic camera. However, the accompanying sound seems annoying as it gives a clicking sound tends to draw attention, especially on the occasions where one is taking a bunch of selfies or candid picture of a friend. Therefore, many people often want to know how to turn off camera shutter sounds on Huawei P20.

However, turning off camera sound in the United States is usually illegal since the law there dictates that all cell phones that have digital cameras should produce a sound whenever a picture is being taken. For those who want to find out how to turn down and disable camera sound on Huawei P20, the following guide has some useful information.


How To Turn Down Or Mute Huawei P20’s Volume

Muting or Turning down the volume is the alternative way to turn Huawei P20 camera sound off. To do that you need to press “volume down” at the Huawei phone side until it reaches the vibrate mode. As soon as the sound of the Huawei P20 volume is muted, it will not produce the shutter sound when one takes a picture.


Plugging In Headphones Won’t Work

Some people find plugging headphones into the Huawei P20 as another great way to turn off the smartphone’s camera sound. It is usually simple since as one plug in the headphones, all the sound will come out through the headphones instead of the smartphones. However, this trick won’t work when it comes to the Huawei P20 since the notifications are separated from the media audio sounds making the sound to normally come out from the smartphone’s speakers.


Utilize A Third-Party Camera App

Another great way is to use a third party app to turn Huawei P20 camera sound off. Although not all camera app plays the shutter sound, the stock camera app is excellent for doing that work. But, it is up to you to search and test various camera apps so as to examine which ones can make noise when using your Huawei P20.

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