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Huawei P20 Gets Warm – Solved

When using the Huawei you might find that the Huawei P20 gets warm when touched. Don’t be anxious, it is common for these kinds of smartphones to get hot after using them for several hours. Likewise, when the Huawei P20 is put in extreme temperature or intense sunlight for a long time period, it can get pretty hot.

Therefore, there are various elements or cause that can make the Huawei P20 to overheat. If you find your Huawei P20 is all the time getting hot, kindly follow the guide below that shows you how to stop the Huawei P20 from getting hot.


How To Fix Huawei P20 Overheating Problem With These Solutions:

A couple of times, a third party application (that has a shoddy programming) can cause the Huawei P20 to overheat. The best and easiest way to see if that is the issue is to hold down and tap the Power button and thereafter holding the Power Off till Reboot to Safe Mode appears and later tap to Restart. To be on the safe side, check the lower left corner to see if it says safe mode.

If you do that and notice the problem isn’t anymore, know that a third party app is a cause. To solve that issue, track it down through uninstalling the apps one by one or conduct factory reset.

It is recommendable to wipe the Huawei P20’s cache prior to carrying out a factory reset (Learn how to clear Huawei P20 cache). To do that, turn off Huawei P20 and later press and hold together the Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons. You will let go the buttons once you see the Huawei logo showing up together with a blue recovery text.

While in the recovery menu, scroll using the Volume Down button up to the place where wipe cache partition is highlighted, and later press the Power button to choose it. After finishing it, highlight the reboot system now using the Volume button and later select it using Power.

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