Huawei P20: How To Delete Internet Browser History

One may have a lot of different reasons to wish to delete Internet browser on Huawei P20 or search history from they smartphones. So we have prepared a whole guide for you, on how to delete Internet browser or search history on Huawei P20.


How to delete Huawei P20 browser history:

Once you have turned on your smartphone, go to the Android browser. Tap on the menu icon which is either a three-point or three-dot symbol. A menu will show up where you should find and select the Settings. In the Settings, browse for the Privacy option and once it’s open tap on “Delete Personal Data”. A list of Huawei P20 web browser history will open. You have a lot of options here, such as clearing cache and cookies, deleting browser history, site data and even the passwords your browser remembers.

Select what exactly you want to delete and it will only take a little time to delete data from Huawei P20.


Delete Google Chrome history on Huawei P20 smartphone

If you use Google Chrome instead of Android browser, you would want to know how to delete Google Chrome history on Huawei P20 smartphone. In fact, the process is very simple. All you need to do is to tap on the three-dot menu button and go to the “History”. Here you’ll find “Clear Browsing Data” button and will only have to choose which information to delete. Google Chrome gives you the option to delete one or several items of the history, and you can keep the ones you need.

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