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Huawei P20: How To Find IMEI Serial Number

If you own Huawei P20 you might want to know how you can find Huawei P20 IMEI number. First of all, the IMEI number on Huawei P20 is just like a serial number and gives your smartphone its identity. It is always advisable that you have the IMEI number written somewhere for future reference in case you forget the number. This comes in handy when you misplace the phone since you will be able to prove that the phone is yours. This way, you will get your phone back.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment. It is usually a unique number that allows each of the devices to be easily identified. The GSM networks use the IMEI number when they need to check validity of the device. In addition, the number helps when there is need to verify if the phone was stolen or has previously been blacklisted. Checking the IMEI number by Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and also T-Mobile ensures that the device can be used. There are three methods through which you can find IMEI number on Huawei P20.

Viewing the IMEI number directly on your phone: To do this, switch on the phone> tap on the home screen >Select settings>tap on Device Information >tap Status. Here you will view different information relating to your phone. IMEI details will also be seen from this view.


Using The Service Code To View IMEI On Huawei P20

Through the service code, you can be able to view Huawei P20 IMEI number. Switch on the smartphone and tap on the phone application. On the dialer enter *#06#


Check The IMEI Number On Packaging

You can also see the IMEI details displayed on the phone packaging. Grab the box that came with your phone and you will see a sticker attached on the back. This sticker will indicate the IMEI number of Huawei P20.


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