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Huawei P20: How To Find Lost Or Stolen (Solution)

If you own Huawei P20, you might lose your phone and this is normally a major headache especially when owning an expensive device. There are several different methods you can use to trace your lost device. These include the use of tracker application, using the Google manager known as Android Device Manager, or using some other different Software. Just the same as find my iPhone, Google owns a system that is common among the users of Android system. It is known as Android Device Manager. Many users also refer to it as “Find My Android”.

You can find your misplaced device inside the house or it might even be across the streets. Here are some of the solutions if you want to find out how to get a misplaced or a stolen Huawei P20.

Tips On How To Find A Lost Huawei P20

In this section, we explain the different approaches you can use to get your misplaced Huawei P20. Here are some of the best alternatives to kick start your search soonest possible.

  • Ensure you have installed all the tools required on your Huawei P20 so as to locate your phone and secure it remotely using the in built “Android Device Manager”. If your find your phone, take extra preventive measures so that this will not occur again.
  • Use AirDroid and similar Apps for remote access to the files and also the information that you want to recover. This includes making use of the features like remote camera access and Text messages under the advanced features option.


Finding Huawei P20 Through Loud Ring Mode

To use this approach, set your Huawei P20 on loud ring mode so that you can be able to find your Huawei P20 quickly it is nearby. There are also other options that enable you to lock and wipe the device remotely while handling any sensitive files and documents on your Huawei P20. Download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play store so as to use the service from another Android device.


Using The Lookout

You can’t use Android Device Manager with Huawei P20 and at the same time think about Lookout. It is a similar app to Android Device Manager and offers more general security features.

How To Find A Misplaced Huawei P20

If you are using the “Android Device Manager” from another device to trace your lost Huawei P20, open the page labeled Android Device Manager. Now, track the Huawei P20 from there. GPS is used to track the device location of your lost phone when using Android Device Manager. To find the lost phone, the GPS locate button is used. Google has warned that you should never attempt to retrieve lost devices by yourself and so you should report to the police. For the application to function, the Huawei P20 must be connected to Wi-Fi for GPS location to be traced.

Finding Huawei P20 Through “Android Device Manager”

To locate your misplaced or stolen Huawei P20, the best option is to ensure you register and can be accessed through the option “Android Device Manager”. This software was released by Google in 2013. The software has been used and all modern Android devices have this application installed. Although the feature is usually enabled on new devices, you might also do the double checking to confirm.

To setup the “Android Device Manager” found on your Huawei P20 go to the “Settings” app, then select the “Security” feature and then navigate to “Screen Lock” to find the “Device Administrator”. The menus and exact location might be labeled differently from phone to another. Once you are done, tick the box that is labeled “Android Device Manager”

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