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Huawei P20: How To Merge And Delete Duplicate Contacts

If you place a SIM card that has contacts into a newly purchased Huawei P20, you might have contact phone numbers that are duplicate. The duplicate contacts can really inconvenience you when searching for a number, sending a message or trying to communicate to your family and friends. However, the nice thing is that removing the duplicate contacts from Huawei P20 is simple. You will not need to spend money to purchase apps that can clean up the contacts as the entire deletion process of identical contacts on Huawei P20 takes a few seconds.

The major reason is that contacts get saved on Huawei P20 when you link the phone to multiple accounts making Huawei P20 to have duplicate contacts. To solve the issue, you’ll have to merge those two copies instead of manually deleting each contact so that the contacts are both in the personal and work email address book.


Clean Up The Huawei P20 Contacts Faster

The Huawei P20 has a built-in cleanup tool to aid cleaning of the contacts. The following is how you can identify contacts that look similar so that you can merge and clean them up.

  1. Turn your Huawei P20 on.
  2. Head to Contacts app.
  3. While on the screen’s upper-right area, choose the three menu dots.
  4. Then, click on Link Contacts.


Once you have chosen the Link Contacts, you’ll be able to see a list duplicate contacts which you can seek by name, email address, or phone number. Tap on those contacts to link the ones you need to merge. Afterward, choose done and all duplicated contacts will be removed.


How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Huawei P20

To do that, you don’t need a computer, you will just use your Huawei P20 to find, merge and delete those contacts. If you find your contacts really in a mess, you will have to head into Gmail and do some editing on the contacts while you are there.

  1. Turn your Huawei P20 on.
  2. Head to Contacts app on the phone display.
  3. While there, Browse through the contacts, then, find those contacts you need to link or merge.
  4. Choose the initial contact that should be merged.
  5. Search for the ‘Connected via’ spot. Click on link icon found at right.
  6. Then, choose Link another Contact.
  7. Choose those contacts to link and later tap back.


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