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Huawei P20: No Notifications For Email, Text, And Alerts (Solved)

It sounds ridiculous to purchase a new Huawei P20 and experience a problem of no notifications for text messages, email, and the other alerts showing up. The Huawei P20 might fail to display although the smartphone receives the text, email, or other kinds of notification. Below we have stated how to solve the no notifications for email, text and alerts problem on Huawei P20.


Huawei P20: No Notifications For Email, Text, And Alerts

We will give you some directions to follow below on how to solve the Huawei P20 no notifications showing up the problem if you fail to get email, text or other notifications on the Huawei P20. The steps below are designed to teach you how to fix that no email notification showing up but these directions can also apply to texts and other kinds of alerts.

  1. To start, turn your Huawei P20 on.
  2. Then, go to the Mail app and open it.
  3. Click on the “More” button and then, choose “Settings.”
  4. Later, Choose “Notifications.”
  5. While there, Check whether the emails notifications master control is enabled.
  6. Type in the email account to receive notification.
  7. Check to ensure the alerts tab is on the “Active” option.


After carrying out the following procedures, your Huawei P20 will notify you whenever it gets emails. Remember that an identical process is applicable to texts and other alerts on Huawei P20 phone. You can also change that sound settings for alerts through adding the settings feature in the last sub-menu.

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