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Huawei P20 Problems With Calls

Most new smartphone owners view the Huawei P20 problems with calls as a common issue. It is noticeable that some people can’t receive or make calls as some of the problems facing the Huawei P20. If that issue is causing you a headache, you will get some solutions to use to fix the Huawei P20 problems with calls. You can restore your Huawei P20 back to a working condition without replacing it if you know some of the troubleshooting tips.

Often, Internet connection or network issues can cause your Huawei P20 to drop calls after a couple of minutes of talking. In case you can’t make or/and receive those phone calls through your Huawei P20, you can do some of the things below.


Check Huawei P20 Signal Bars

At the first instance, you have to check your smartphone’s signal bars when there are Huawei P20 problems with calls. The cell phone service that sends a signal via a wireless tower determines the way the Huawei P20 receives or makes a call.

To fix a small glitch on your phone you will need to reset your smartphone whenever you notice the Huawei P20 has no signal. For more information on that, read the guide on how to easily reboot your Huawei P20.


Check If Flight Mode Is Disabled

When your phone is in Flight Mode, you will have problems with calls on Huawei P20. All wireless connections usually turn off whenever Flight Mode turns on. Follow the following instructions to check whether the Flight Mode setting on your smartphone is turned on.

  1. Turn the Huawei P20 on.
  2. Tap onto Notifications bar and pull it down.
  3. Go to the Settings icon.
  4. Choose Flight Mode.
  5. Afterwards, Switch the Flight Mode toggle to OFF.


Change Huawei P20 Network Mode

You will have to change Huawei P20 network mode in case the method fails to fix calls. It could be that your Huawei P20 is only working on a specific network causing the problem.

  1. Turn your Huawei P20 on.
  2. Bring up your menu by sliding down your finger from the screen’s top.
  3. Tap the Settings icon.
  4. Choose Mobile Networks.
  5. Later, choose Network mode.
  6. Then, Select the WCDMA/GSM option.


Find Any Networks Automatically

Changing your phone’s settings so that it finds networks automatically is another way to fix Huawei P20 phone call problems. In case you are out of the phones range, you require to find a new network automatically after you realize that the connection is lost.

  1. Turn the Huawei P20 on.
  2. Bring up your menu by sliding down your finger from the screen’s top.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon
  4. Choose Mobile Networks
  5. Choose Network operators.
  6. After that, your Huawei P20 will start to find networks that are within range, which are easily visible.
  7. Next, select automatically and all will be well.


Verify The Status Of Your Account

Verification of the activeness of your account is crucial as you can’t make or receive calls when your wireless account is inactive. You will have to double check if the payments of bills have been done for your wireless carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint. If the payment of bills has been done, you will have to find out with your current wireless provider whether their system has a problem.


Verify Whether An Outage Exists In Your Area

An outage in your area can be another reason that causes the P20 to have problems with calls. For maintenance reasons, the cellular service usually goes down from time to time which is usually the most common cause of the problem. In such a circumstance, there is less you can do but to possibly wait until network gets back to running again.

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