Huawei P20 Problems With Sound (Solved)

The owners of the new smartphone from Huawei face some issues with sound on Huawei P20. The issues include problems when using the call app, problems caused by Bluetooth, or simply the sound is not as loud as it should be. Here we have some solutions if you are one of those who have these sound issues on Huawei P20 smartphone.

We have listed some steps that could help you get rid of the problem without any help. However, if these suggestions don’t work for fixing Huawei P20 problems with sound, you should consider contacting the retailer to solve the issue or replace the smartphone.


Here is what you can do to fix the sound problems on Huawei P20:

  • Remove your SIM card after turning your Huawei P20 smartphone off. Reinsert it in some seconds, and turn on your smartphone.
  • A common reason that may cause audio issues is the dust stuck in the smartphone’s microphone. Clean it with compressed air and see if this solution works for you.
  • Researches show, that on this model Bluetooth can be the reason of audio issues. Turn it off and see if the problem persists.
  • Cleaning cache is another solution that may help you and as it’s a little complicated, we have prepared a guide on how to wipe the Huawei P20 cache.
  • One more good solution is entering your Huawei P20 smartphone into Recovery Mode.


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