iPhone And iPad In iOS 12: How To Exit Group Text

As a new user of an iPhone or iPad in iOS 12, the idea of joining a group text must be very appealing. Nevertheless, a time will come when you will probably want to exit from one or several of those groups that you attended to. And that’s where most people realize that they don’t really know how to exit group text on iPhone and iPad devices running on the iOS 12 operating system…


If anything above two is a crowd, those group text messages might soon enough become inconvenient. Sure, you loved chatting with your friends at the same time, in only one chat, instead of opening multiple threads for multiple contacts. But that one chat can give you a nervous breakdown when notifications are flooding your device and they’re not even messages you want to read. Because as it turns out, those friends you connected within one group will often talk to each other things that you’re not interested in.

Usually, that’s also the part where you need to know if you can leave or at least mute a group chat. The answer is that you can do any of them, though it won’t always be a matter of preference. Below, we will show you not only how to mute or exit a group text on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12, but also how to tell when some options aren’t available.


The Essentials Of How To Mute A Group Chat In Messages On iOS 12

Even though the achievement is just that, you mute the group, the future is called Do Not Disturb. Basically, your goal will be to set this status for your own profile within that group chat and certain notification features will apply to you from that moment on.

  1. Open the window for the chat you’d like to mute;
  2. Go to Details;
  3. Select Do Not Disturb;
  4. Hit the dedicated button to turn that feature On;
  5. Leave the Details window.


From this moment on, conversations will keep flowing on the group, but your device will stop notifying you about any of it. No sound alerts, no vibrations, nothing. Needless to say, whenever you will enter the chat room, you’ll be able to see everything that your friends talked, even though you weren’t notified for any of it.


If You Really Want To Exit Group Text In Messages…

You should know that this is the more radical approach because once you proceed to it, you will not just stop getting messages from that group… But you will also no longer be able to get back into the group chat if you’ll want. All these considered, to leave a group text you must:

  1. Open the window of that group that you’re planning on leaving;
  2. Go to Details, the menu from the top right corner of the display;
  3. Look for the “Leave this Conversation” option – it’s a red button above the list with chat participants, location, and the summary of your conversation attachments;
  4. Tap that button to leave the group chat for good.


Like we mentioned before, even though the options exist on your device, it doesn’t mean you will be able to use any of it whenever you want. To make it clear, you can mute any group chat you want, regardless of its structure, but you can only exit a group text made of iMessage users. If you have at least one SMS user in that group, the option to leave it will be unavailable and you’ll see that from the Leave this Conversation button, which will be grayed out and inactive instead of red.

With this information at hand, you should be able to exit group text on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12 whenever you want and, of course, when the situation allows it. If you’re not allowed, you know what you have to do!

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