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iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Not Staying Connected To Wi-Fi

Think that a Wi-Fi issue on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max can only relate to not having wireless internet at all? How about when the iPhone decides to leave the Wi-Fi connectivity for the mobile data? Most of the time, it happens when you expect less and when you want it less. If you don’t want to be worried all the time that your cellular data could be used before the end of the month, you must find a solution for iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs not staying connected to WiFi


The first thing you will probably look into will be the Wi-Fi signal. If it’s clearly a weak signal, you know the standard options for fixing this issue. But what do you do when the wireless signal seems to be just fine yet you still cannot use it on your iPhone?

For starters, you could block the setting that is making this constant switch possible. The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max smartphones are smart enough to decide that the Wi-Fi must be abandoned for the mobile data connection thanks to the Wi-Fi Assist.


Option 1 to fix the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max not staying connected to Wi-Fi

  1. Turn on the phone;
  2. Access the Settings menu;
  3. Navigate to the Cellular options;
  4. Browse within that list until you find the Wi-Fi Assist option;
  5. Change the switch next to the Wi-Fi Assist to Off.


Now that you did all that, there’s no way to tell for sure that the wireless connectivity will work flawlessly on the iPhone from this moment on. But at least you can be sure that there will be no unexpected change of connectivity. So, if you are still having trouble accessing the Wi-Fi, you can continue your investigation with our second option, as presented below.


Option 2 to fix the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max not staying connected to Wi-Fi

  1. Return to the Settings menu of your Apple device;
  2. Access the General options;
  3. Select the Storage & iCloud Usage submenu from there;
  4. Navigate to Documents and Data, under Manage Storage;
  5. Browse through the items listed in there and select one to erase its app data;
  6. Slide to the left and use the Delete option for each entry in there or use the Delete All option (from the Edit menu) to remove all app’s data at once.


Clearing the data has a serious shot at helping you overcome individual app issues. If it was an app that was affecting the wireless connectivity, chances are you’ve ruled that one out. If not, you can still try the Wipe Cache Partition option, something we have discussed in this guide on How to Clear the Cache on iPhone.


The whole purpose of booting the iOS into recovery mode and wiping the cache from there is to rule out any individual software bug. If you cleared the data to skip app problems, you can clear the cache of the iOS to skip certain software problems.

Let us know how any of these helped you to fix the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max not staying connected to Wi-Fi issue.

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