Micro SD Became Corrupted On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

The MicroSD card might seem to be very small, but it offers you a considerable storage space which is fit for a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Even before you know it, being able to store any kind of data is the most natural thing. What is worse is that one day you might get hit by the corrupted storage notification on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

It’s pretty obvious that the MicroSD card can get corrupted more often than not. In fact, sometimes it works like charm for a few weeks and gets corrupted soon. This is not necessarily an indication of the Android flagship issue. In some cases, you are able to use the card soon after restarting the phone.

Let’s speak the truth here! A corrupted MicroSD card on Samsung Galaxy S9 becomes a real problem since you might lose all data. It can also become a temporal issue in which there is still hope that you might save your data. Let’s first evaluate the most optimistic scenario.


Corrupted MicroSD and Device Temperature Monitoring 

The scenario that we are about to discuss is often associated with Scandisk MicroSD card. When the Samsung Galaxy S9 reaches a high temperature, the type of the SD you are using can act as if it is corrupted. When the device is back to its optimal temperature, the Micro SD then starts working again.

To monitor the device temperature can be the best way to know if the temperature is the main reason why the MicroSD card fails. For this to work effectively, then you have to use a dedicated application. Therefore, open the Google Play Store right away and search for TempMonitor. Click on install and start it. If the app indicates the device isn’t overheating, check the cache partition as an alternative solution for fixing the MicroSD card.


Procedure for Wiping the Cache Partition to Fix a Corrupt MicroSD on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus 

This is another threat that doesn’t affect the data you have stored on your smartphone. Clear the cache partition so as to monitor how the device performs over time. So how do you clear the cache? Let’s see:

  1. Switch off the phone
  2. Start the phone while pressing the Volume up button and the home keys at the same time.
  3. Press the power button too while holding these other keys down.
  4. Ensure the keys are pressed until when you see the Android logo on the display.
  5. Release the keys and navigate through the available options
  6. Press volume down key and browse through the menus.
  7. Use the power key to start selected option
  8. Use the two arrows to navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” label
  9. Click yes to confirm
  10. Wait for Wipe Cache Partition to complete
  11. Select the Reboot System menu
  12. Wait for the device to reboot into a normal running mode


With the Cache wiped, monitor the device so as to check if it recognizes the MicroSD or just appears to be corrupt


How to know there is nothing you can do About Corrupted Galaxy S9 Plus Micro SD

The final option is when there is nothing you can do because the MicroSD card has been corrupted. A factory reset removes the data, the files, Apps, Accounts and your preferred settings. Therefore, give your phone a clean start and reformat the MicroSD card from the phone. Once you have done so the MicroSD corrupted card issue will have been solved and the card will get back to normal.


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