Note 8: How To Lock Apps

If you were to instantly lose access to everything you had stored on your Samsung Note 8, how much would you suffer? The thought of it alone is giving you the shivers? Undoubtedly, you need to do something to ensure the protection of all your data and using the AppLock is our top suggestion for you.

Judging by the fact that you have freaked out when realizing that you could lose your data, we guess you’re not the type of user who thinks that setting up a password for the lock screen is enough. At the same time, your data is exposed to such perils, which means you’re not the type of user who enjoys eye scanners as protection measures either. Between these two, a dedicated lock app might be precisely what you need, don’t you think?


The list of third-party apps ready to download from the Play Store is overwhelming. Some of them lock specific apps, others lock just folders, and so on. We’ve mentioned the AppLock and we’re going to insist on this one for a couple of very important reasons. First of all, it is both effective and… free of charge! Second, it gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to what kind of apps you need to protect. Last but not least, it is super-easy and intuitive to configure and make use of. Oh, and have we mentioned that it sits right in the Google Play Store and works like charm with your Note 8? That’s right, we guess there’s nothing else you could ask for.


If You’re Eager To Use AppLock On Note 8…

We’re not going to insist on how to get it. You know how to launch the Play Store and how to use the search box for this specific app. Downloading it will be piece of cake but what’s coming up next won’t be rocket science either. Long story short, let’s just pretend you’ve come to the point where you have the app installed and almost ready to use.

  1. Go ahead and launch the AppLock;
  2. The first time you do so, you will be asked to set up a password and to type in your personal security email;
  3. Do that and make sure you won’t forget the password because that’s really bad;
  4. After the initial configuration, you’ll spot the list of apps available on the device right away;
  5. Select a first app that you wish to lock and you can consider that you have applied the protection to it;
  6. Repeat with other apps as well and you can close the AppLock when you’re done selecting all the apps that you wish to control with a password.


After these steps, whenever you launch one of the selected apps, you will have to type the password in order to be able to use it. Naturally, you can repeat these steps to lock or to unlock as many apps as you want, but also video and photo vaults! The app will also work when you’re online, so just enjoy it! Now you know how to lock apps on the Samsung Note 8.

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