Samsung Note 8: Using Private Mode On Device

If you just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you’re happy you were able to set up a password for its Lock Screen, don’t just sit back and relax. There’s still one more thing left to do, especially if you do store sensitive information on this device: activate the Private Mode and start moving those sensitive files into the Secure Folder that comes with it.

Pictures, videos, as well as many other file formats may very well be hidden with the help of the Private Mode since they become invisible the moment you store them in there and you disable this mode. It’s still a password protection measure, but with the added benefit that the hidden content stays hidden as long as the Private Mode isn’t active. And with the files hidden, who could possibly think of looking for it?


When You Want To Enable Private Mode On Note 8 Device…

  1. You simply have to unlock the phone;
  2. Extend the Quick Settings from the Home Screen, swiping down with two fingers;
  3. Look for the special icon of the Secure Folder, which should be listed in there;
  4. Tap on it and type your PIN code – note that if this is the first time you’re turning this mode On, you will be asked to configure your PIN code and to go through a special tutorial with basic instructions on how to use it.


When Want To Disable Private Mode On Note 8 Device…

  1. Go back to the Quick Settings menu by swiping top to bottom one more time;
  2. Browse and select the same Secure Folder option;
  3. And expect to see the standard mode reactivating and the protected files disappearing from the visible screen of the device.


As For The Part When You Add Or Remove Files From Secure Folder Of Galaxy Note 8…

  1. Follow the first steps required to enable the Secure Folder, before anything else;
  2. Then you can access your Secure Folder and tap on the Overflow menu button – you should spot it at the top-right corner of the screen;
  3. Finally, select the file (or even the files) that you wish to protect by transferring it to the Private Folder;
  4. Select the option that empowers you to Move to Private the selected folder or folders…


You now have the Private Mode enabled, the selected files transferred to its Secure Folder, and the possibility to do as much editing as you want. Just don’t forget to follow the steps described in the second section of this tutorial, when you’re done and you want to make the hidden files completely invisible!

Oh, and, if you want, you can also create more than one folder to better organize your files when you start using the Private Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

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