Note 9: Bixby Not Working

The Bixby feature that you should enjoy on your Note 9 is supposed to be Samsung’s smart assistant, the equivalent of Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant. As a voice assistant, it can help with all kinds of voice commands that save you the time and effort of initiating it manually. So, is this smart feature supposed to give you headaches? Not really, but what do you know, there are quite a few Samsung users complaining about Bixby not working, on Note 9 or other devices.

If that’s your case too, before you blame it on poor Bixby, you’d better take the time to try one or two fixing options. One of them would involve adding (or creating, in case you haven’t done it so far) a Samsung account to your device. And if that doesn’t change the situation, you can always clear Bixby cache. For now, let’s take these solutions one at a time.


Bixby Not Working – Solution Number 1: Create/Add Samsung Account

This Samsung account will prove useful to you in more than one way. You’re doing it for the Bixby service for now, but many other Samsung services – such as Samsung Drive or various Samsung Apps – need it as well. Here’s how to add your account in a few simple steps:

  1. Head to the Settings menu of the Note 9;
  2. Select the Cloud and Accounts submenu;
  3. Hit the “Add account” option;
  4. Enter the Samsung log associated with your ID.

In the event that configuring your Samsung account didn’t help, as we said, you still have an extra option.


Bixby Not Working – Solution Number 2: Clear Bixby Cache On Note 9

Assuming that the problem is directly related to your Bixby service, it is best if you begin with clearing its cache. All it takes is to return to the Settings menu and take the following steps:

  1. Select the Apps icon from Settings;
  2. Select the Application Manager;
  3. Go to the All Apps tab;
  4. Find and select Bixby Voice from there;
  5. Next, select Storage;
  6. Clear cache;
  7. Clear data.

Now leave the Settings menu and restart the Samsung Note 8 device. The Bixby not working problem should be gone once the device restarts.

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