Note 9: Forgot Pattern Lock

Pattern locks are great protection measures for any device, as long as you don’t set them to be so complicated that even you can forget it. And this is no joke, the issue of forgot pattern lock on Samsung Note 8 is just as common as on any other smart device. Sometimes, people just forget these access codes and the results can be very disturbing. If you think that, for some of them, the only solution is to wipe everything from the device with a factory reset just to regain their access, it can be pretty scary.

Now, if you too are using a pattern lock, it goes without saying that you should back up your data regularly. In case you end up having to do a , at least you’ll have what to restore afterward. Of course, that doesn’t mean that deleting everything is the only way to go about it. It could be in some instances, but there are two other options that you can try as well.


If You Don’t Want To Waste Any More Time And You Have A Backup, Reset Your Password With A Factory Reset

  1. First, use the Power off button of the Note 9;
  2. Then, put the device into Recovery Mode;
  3. When the Android icon pops up on the display, you can start navigating around;
  4. Use Volume Down to find the factory reset option and give it a go with the Power button;
  5. You’ll see a pop up asking you to confirm the action – use the same two keys to select and initiate the option Yes – Delete All User Data;
  6. The Note 9 will then reboot and you’ll have the chance to configure it like you do with any other new device.

If you had a backup, the moment after the is the best time to restore it.


If You Don’t Want To Factory Reset, Try Find My Mobile From Samsung To Reset Password

Find My Mobile is a dedicated Samsung service that does precisely what Apple’s Find My iPhone does. It gives you access to the Remote Controls feature and, as long as you have a Samsung account, you should be able to use it to temporarily reset your phone’s password from another device!

  1. Register the Note 9 with Samsung in order to have access to this option;
  2. Enable the Find My Mobile option and log in with your Samsung account;
  3. Temporary reset your password;
  4. Type the reset password on the Note 9;
  5. After passing through its Lock Screen, go to Settings and immediately change that temporary password with a new one.


If You Cannot Use Find My Mobile, Perhaps Android Device Manager Will Work Out Well

This feature will only work if you had the time to register your device with it in advance. Hoping you did that, here’s how to use it to solve the forgot pattern lock on the Note 9 problem.

  1. Use a computer to access the Android Device Manager service;
  2. Log in with your credentials;
  3. Select the Note 8 from the next screen following the login;
  4. Find the Lock & Erase option and turn it on;
  5. Set up a temporary password by following the indications from the screen;
  6. Use that password on the Note 8 to bypass the forgot pattern lock;
  7. Once your device is unlocked, replace the temporary password that you set on the Android Device Manager account with a new, permanent one.

If neither the Android Device Manager option works in your case, perhaps it is best that you reconsider the hard factory reset. After all, these are your only options when it comes to a forgot pattern lock on Note 9…

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