Note 9: How To Access Clipboard?

Using a Note 9 comes with the perk of being able to copy or move things from one place to another. Just like you do on a computer, you can do it on this amazing smartphone as well. But just because you are familiarized with the Copy and the Paste commands, doesn’t mean you also know about the Clipboard. Surprisingly or not, the Clipboard is what allows you to use the Copy/Paste options so it would be nice if you would get to know it a bit more in detail…

The thing is that despite being such an important part of copying information, the Clipboard is actually invisible to the regular user. This area where everything that you copy is stored for short term isn’t just sitting there in plain sight. If you want to check up its content, you need to know precisely what to do and where to go. So…


How do you access the Clipboard on Note 9?

One method to access the Clipboard is to get to your Samsung keyboard and to select the Customizable key from there. Next, you will see a dedicated Clipboard key and, if you press on it, you will have access to the history of your Clipboard. In there, you’ll instantly see everything that has been recently copied on your Note 8, by you or by someone else who used it.


Alternatively, you can just find an empty text box and make a long press on it. Do that and you’ll see the Clipboard catch, which you can select and see what’s stored in your Clipboard for the time being.

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