Note 9: How To Disable Or Adjust Autocorrect

The more powerful a device becomes, the more it is supposed to automate some actions for you. In the specific case of the Note 9, the Autocorrect is one of the features designed to help you write better and it does so without you having too much to say, at least in the beginning. If every time when you are trying to type a message, to send an email, or even to write something in your personal notes the Autocorrect seems to interfere in an inappropriate way, you’re right to be upset. Not all the good intentions have a good outcome, but it’s great that, at least in this particular case, you can step in and make it stop.

More exactly, if you want, you can disable or even make some adjustments to how the Autocorrect feature works on your Samsung Note 8. If you’re more concerned about having to correct the automatic corrections that it makes, go ahead and shut it off right away. Yet if the wrong corrections only occur occasionally, it makes sense that you don’t directly disable the feature. Alternatively, you can choose to add the correct versions of the words that it keeps modifying, straight into the dictionary of your Note 8. That way, the next time when you’ll be typing that word, the Autocorrect will know that you really meant it and not change it into something else, like it used to.


If You’re Determined To Disable Autocorrect From Note 9…

  1. You just need to bring up whatever app you’re using and where you can type some text;
  2. Go to the keyboard section of that app;
  3. Select the Dictation key from the keyboard;
  4. Select the Settings gear;
  5. Look for the Smart Typing option;
  6. Finally, disable the Predictive Text option listed underneath it.


As you take a good look at the Smart Typing submenu, you’ll notice that the Predictive Text is not the only option available. Punctuation marks, Auto-Capitalization, and others are at hand. This is probably a great time to decide if you want to keep those features active as well or not.

Rest assured, whatever you disable from here, will be just as easy to re-enable at any given time. Just retake these steps and activate the options you want to start using again. If you had problems finding these settings on your keyboard, it must be because you’ve switched to a third-party keyboard, not the default keyboard of the Samsung Note 8!

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