Note 9: How To Record Time Lapse Videos

Even the videos that you are filming with your Note 8 are nothing but a series of photos played together at a specific frame rate. Whether you decide to play with that frame rate to bring it to a higher or to a lower value, the result is what photography specialists call “time lapse”. Of course, like many other cool features of the Note 8, this one, although available to any user, was implemented so that anyone, with as little photography knowledge as possible, can make use of it.

In other words, you don’t really need to know precisely what time lapse videos are or how they work. You just need to be curious enough to want to try it and test the available options from your camera app. As a hint, we suggest you’re going to use it when trying to record people or cars, any moving objects and, why not, the fascinating clouds. Needless to say, all you need is already there; don’t expect to have to install a third-party app for this purpose. Simply look for the Hyperlapse mode within the settings of the Camera app.


Do You Want To Know How To Record Time Lapse Videos On Note 8?

  1. Go to the Home screen of the device;
  2. Launch the Camera app from its special icon;
  3. Switch it to the portrait mode;
  4. Find the Mode option on the screen and tap on it;
  5. Find the Hyperlapse option within the Mode menu and tap on it;
  6. Finally, hit the Select Speed option and choose anything from the values listed in there: 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x;
  7. When you’re ready, use the Record button to start shooting your first time lapse video.


When you’re done, you will find this video in the Gallery of the Note 9. Play it, see the results, and consider if you want to repeat at a different speed. Now that you know how to record time lapse videos on Note 8 and what speed options you have at hand, you’re free to test them all!

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