Note 9: How To Turn Off Background Apps On Galaxy

Would you expect from Galaxy Note 9, currently still one of the best smartphones on the market, to lose battery suspiciously fast? We bet you wouldn’t, yet maybe you should. And before you make yourself the wrong idea about it, take a step back and try to see what tends to dry out a battery. Perhaps it’s not the phone itself, but rather some apps and services that run in the background as we speak.

Some of those apps might be scanning for software updates, others for activity updates, to push notifications that you have personally activated. You could choose to turn off all of them or only some of them. But if the thought of disabling the auto software updates isn’t making you feel too comfortable, we have to say it’s not a big issue. You should be able to manually update pretty much everything you need to. For now, let’s focus on the main categories of apps and services that can sluggish your smartphone and that you need to address sooner rather than later.


Gmail And All Other Google Services Might Be Running In Background…

  1. Unlock your Note 9 and head to its Settings menu;
  2. Select the Accounts field and then select the Google account type;
  3. From all the Google accounts you have in there, select the one you’re currently using, your account’s name;
  4. Go through all the services associated with that account and uncheck the services that you would like to disable for now.


Twitter Might Be Running In Background…

  1. Again, you should go to the Settings of the Note 9, at Accounts;
  2. Select your Twitter account this time;
  3. Find the Sync Twitter option from there and uncheck it.


Facebook Might Be Running In Background…

  1. Contrary to all expectations, you should launch directly the Facebook app;
  2. Go to its Settings from within the app;
  3. Find the Refresh Interval option;
  4. Make sure you select the Never option available for the Refresh Interval.


For All Other Apps Running In Background Of Galaxy Note 9…

You can simply check the Recent Apps button to see what you’ve been using lately and what’s left still running. After you hit the Recent Apps button, just switch to the Active Apps tab. From there, you can choose to select the End All option and simply confirm, or you can manually select whatever apps you wish to End. Each app from that list has its own End option listed on the same line, so it shouldn’t be hard to handle things manually if that’s what you want.


For All Other Services Running In Background Of Galaxy Note 9…

This time, you should return to the Settings menu and select the Data Usage tab. At the upper-right corner of that submenu, you’ll see the specific 3-dots symbol that usually extends a specific menu. Select it and find the Auto Sync Data option. Once you uncheck the Auto Sync Data and confirm with one tap on the OK button, you’re done.

From now on, the Galaxy Note 9 should move faster since there are no longer useless apps and services running in the background.

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