Note 9: How To Use Private Mode

Regardless if you’re a brand-new or a more seasoned user of the mighty Note 9, learning new things about this tool is never too late. And if you haven’t learned how to use Private Mode with it, you’d better get ready – once you experience it for the first time, you’re going to realize that it’s something you won’t afford to ignore from now on…

Wondering what’s this all about? The Private Mode is not one of those running modes that significantly change the interface of the device. On the contrary, it operates so smoothly that one could hardly notice what happened during its activation. But that’s precisely what gives it so much power, given the fact that it was intended to help you hide important documents and files, pictures or videos etc.


When you set the Note 9 into Private Mode, the device allows you to create a so-called Secure Folder (if it’s the first time you’re using it) or to access a previously created Secure Folder (if it’s not your first experience of this kind). Basically, after you create that special folder, activating and deactivating the Private Mode is all about making the Secure Folder visible or invisible

As long as the Private Mode is On, your Secure Folder is visible and so is its entire content. You can add new pictures and videos to it, remove old ones, or even create new folders inside of it, to better organize your information. Yet the moment you turn it off, the Secure Folder will become invisible to anyone looking through your Note 8. Even you won’t be able to actually see it, despite knowing that it’s there.


How Can One Use Private Mode On Note 9, You Wonder?

The working principles should be clear to you, by now. The information that we have already detailed above makes it pretty clear. In order to use it, the Private Mode must be activated and in order to make it run into full effect – and make your private files invisible – it must be deactivated. How exactly do you do all that?


Step 1 – Enable Private Mode

To locate the Secure Folder option, you should go to the Home Screen and swipe down its Notification Shade. With one top-to-bottom swipe starting from the top of the display, you will access that quick menu where notifications also pop up. In there, the Secure Folder option is clearly visible and you can turn it on with just one tap on its icon. Note that if you’re doing this for the first time, there’s a short series with how-to-use instructions and, most importantly, you will be asked to set up your PIN.


Step 2 – Add/Remove Different Files From Private Mode

As mentioned, you can hide different types of files, yet you still need to know how to do just that. So, once the Private Mode enabled, you must go to your Secure Folder and hit its Overflow menu button. Then you can navigate through the device as you normally do, selecting the files you wish to add. If you select something that hasn’t been added to the Secure Folder before, you’ll have the option Move to Private. Select it and continue to do so with other files.


Step 3 – Protect Note 8 Files From Secure Mode

If you’ve paid attention, all you need to do in order to protect the files that you moved to the Secure Folder is to disable the Private Mode. Disabling it is even simpler than enabling it since you no longer need to type the PIN. This time, you’ll have to swipe down the Notification Shade again and to tap on the icon of this feature one more time. That’s how you disable it after you have enabled the Private Mode on Note 9!

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