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Pictures In Email Are Not Displayed On Galaxy S9

Accessing a picture that was sent to you as an attachment to an email should be just as easy as accessing any other type of document. However, there will be instances when you might notice that the pictures in the email are not displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S9. When you used to see the attached pictures without problems and now, all of a sudden, you can’t do it anymore, you will probably be particularly frustrated.

But here’s the good news: unless you’re getting a specific error that might suggest a more serious problem, not being able to see pictures in your email app is more likely related to some settings. As usual, we’re not here to investigate on who and when changed your settings and probably you shouldn’t do that either. Simply focus on learning how to find that one setting that allows the email app to display pictures in attachments and you’ll be just fine.


To Fix Galaxy S9 Pictures In Email Not Displayed Problem…

You will have to find the View Image option and to check its status. Like we said, most likely the option was deactivated by mistake and as long as you turn it back On, things will get back to normal. How do you do that, specifically?

  1. Launch your email app, to begin with;
  2. Go to its settings, bringing up the More menu first and tapping on Settings next;
  3. Select your email account from the list, if you have configured more than one account on the device;
  4. Check the settings for that selected account, looking for the View Image feature in particular;
  5. When you find it, change it from Off to On and leave the settings.


Usually, with these five steps, you’re guaranteed to make images show up again in the emails that you open up with your Samsung Galaxy S9. If our method didn’t work out for you and you can’t see images with any email app, perhaps there’s something more serious going on and it wouldn’t hurt to ask some professional help. Hopefully, it won’t come to that!

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