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Pictures In Email Are Not Displayed On Samsung Galaxy S9

Let’s face it, it’s not every day that you send or receive an email on your Samsung Galaxy S9 containing one or several pictures. But just because this isn’t the norm doesn’t mean you’re supposed to accept the fact that your smartphone may not display pictures in email. Imagine the curiosity and the frustration of knowing that someone sent a picture to you via email and your app cannot display it!


Luckily, there’s no need to live with all that occasional curiosity or frustration. Because even though what’s happening isn’t normal – the Samsung Galaxy S9 really is supposed to display your pictures in email – the cause of the malfunction is most likely connected to the settings of the email app.

In fact, it’s one setting in particular that you should be looking for, which is the View Images. Now that we’ve mentioned what needs to be enabled and where you can find it, you’re probably more than ready to fix the problem on your own. But just to be sure, let us detail this super-simple process.


In Order To Fix Pictures In Email Are Not Displayed Issue With Galaxy S9…

  1. Go to the App Drawer or the Home Screen of your phone and bring up the email app where you cannot see the photos;
  2. At its upper right corner, you should have the More option;
  3. Tap on More and wait for a context menu to extend, from where you can select the Settings submenu;
  4. Finally, choose your email account, in case you’ve configured more than one account on the same device;
  5. Look at all the options listed next to that account;
  6. Find View Images and switch its slider from Off to On.

If you now leave these Settings and return to your email app, images should become available. Restart the app if necessary, but worry no more, your pictures in email are not displayed problem will be history on the Samsung Galaxy S9!

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