Ray Ban 4147 Screws- rb4147 Screws Replacement (Solved)

For those people that own some Ray Ban sunglasses, there’s a good chance you wear them all the time, even when it’s not sunny out. With wearing them everyday, there’s wear and tear on them and you might have lost a screw from the hinge, in my case I lose the rb4147 screws on my Ray Ban 4147.

This should not be concerning because it’s common for these screws to come out because of all the closing and opening on the arms of your Ray Bans. If you do lose one of your screws, it become hard to wear the sunglasses correctly without having issues. As said, it’s hard to wear your 4147 Ray Ban with only 1 screw, as the weight of the Ray Bans will all be on one arm of the sunglasses.

So what is your solution to a missing screw and replace your rb4147 screws since Ray Ban does not sell just the screws and you probably don’t want to spend over $150 to purchase new sunglasses. Going store to store all around time can be a headache trying to find a specific screw like this for the Ray Bans. We’ll explain our solution to the same problem below.


Best Option For Ray Ban 4147 Screws Replacement

The quickest and most reliable source for replacement screw sunglasses was from GlassesTools.com. The site has a wide variety of different screws for sunglasses and they offer Ray Ban 4147 screws as a single, pair or triple set. The price is very reasonable for around $9 and the service is amazing with next day shipping. I bought some myself and I was amazed on how quickly it arrived and easily I was able to fix my Ray Bans. At first I ordered the individual screw from the site to fix my Rayban 4147 sunglasses. But I recommend that you purchase the Rb 4147 screw with a screwdriver to save yourself the headache for only $3 more, well worth it my books.

The entire process was great with the fast shipping and good service to make my Ray Bans like new again. I suggest that you buy the 4147 Ray Ban screw from GlassesTools.com and not have to waste your time looking around town to find somewhere that will have a screw that will fit.

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