Ray Ban Clubmaster Screws- RayBan Clubmaster 3016 Screw (Solution)

For those people that wear their Ray Ban sunglasses all day long, this accessory is probably the third most important thing to you after your smartphone and wallet. You have with you everywhere you go and rock it all the time. The only thing that can make things not enjoyable is if the screw falls out of your Ray Ban sunglasses.

In my case, I have a some Ray Ban Clubmasters model 3016. I love these things and sport them all day long, I don’t leave home without them. I got really upset one day when I noticed that the screw fell out of the hinge and I wasn’t really able to wear them anymore without the arm falling out. Not only was I not able to wear them anymore, I needed to find a way to come up with the money to buy a new pair.


Best Option For Ray Ban 3016 Clubmaster Screw Replacements

I took a day to think about my options. I could have gone with my original plan of buying a new pair of clubmasters, or I could try to find a replacement screw for my Ray Ban 3016 sunglasses. I thought to myself a screw would be much cheaper than buying new sunglasses, so I started to search for Ray Ban Clubmaster screws that I could use to fix my sunglasses.

I started off by going to some glasses stores and I wasn’t able to find a screw that they could give me to fix my Ray Bans. I was told to try going to a hardware store for it. After driving to a few different places, I still wasn’t able to find a place to sell me Ray Ban Clubmaster replacement screws. I was about to call it quits and order new Ray Ban Clubmasters until I found this site online called GlassesTools.com.

They had screws for my Ray Bans, and it didn’t cost that much. I decided I’d test it out to see if it would fix my problem, so I could use my Clubmasters again. I decided to order a screwdriver with the Ray Ban Clubmaster screw as well in case I didn’t have one at home that would fit.

Once I played the order, it got shipped out the next day and arrived at my door in a few days. I was able to easily install them with the screwdriver and my Ray Bans looked as good as new. I was really happy because I was able to save my self at least a $100 from buying a new pair.


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