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Ray Ban Wayfarer Screws- RayBan Wayfarer 2140 Screw Replacement (Solution)

If your one of those people that loves Ray Ban sunglasses and wears them everywhere you go, then you’ve probably dealt with a missing screw on the hinge of the Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer.

This is very common when you keep opening and closing the arms of the sunglasses. The weight of the arms will eventually loosen the screws and they’ll fall out if they’re not secured tightly every so often. It’s very difficult to still use your Ray Ban 2140 with only 1 screw, as the balance the weight of the Ray Bans all on one arm of the sunglasses

So you may be wondering what’s the best way to get a Ray Ban Wayfarer replacement screws because Ray Ban doesn’t sell these and they cost over $100 to get a new pair. Also driving around the city to different hardware stores looking for a specialty screw is just a waste of time from what I learned and almost impossible to find the correct one.


Best Option For Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer Screw Replacements

The best option I found was online at They offer Ray-Ban Wayfarer screw as a single, pair or triple set. I ordered some myself as the price was really good for only $9.95. But when they arrived I realized that I didn’t have the correct size screwdriver and my local shop didn’t have any that fit either. So I needed to order an individual screwdriver from them to fix my Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses. My suggestion is to buy the Rayban 2140 screws with a screwdriver kit to save yourself the headache for only $3 more, well worth it my books.

Overall the experience was good, shipping was quick and my Ray-Ban 2140 glasses is like new again. I suggest that you buy the Rayban Wayfarer screws replacement from and not have to waste your time looking around town to find somewhere that will have a screw that will fit.

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