Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: How To Pull Down The Notification Shade On Without Stretching

Users ask and smartphone manufacturers provide bigger screens. The more you use your Samsung device, the more you want to see lots of things on its display at the same time, hence the generously stretched displays of Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

But as these screens go wider, your fingers aren’t growing any longer. Consequently, gestures or finger moves that were once natural – on smaller screens – are now becoming difficult, if not impossible. One of the inconveniences you’ll notice first is the one of accessing the Notification Shade.


Did you use to swipe your notifications at the top of the screen while handling the phone with one hand? Go ahead and try it with your new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. Or maybe you already tried it and found out that you must now grab the device with both hands and make some efforts to get to that part of the display where notifications usually pop up…

To summarize, you have two problems at this stage: you can no longer work on the phone with just one hand, or at least not like you used to; and you cannot make notifications go away without tapping on them, meaning at the top of the screen, in the Notification Shade.


The solution to all that is to learn how to pull down that Notification Shade without having to literally put your finger on it. So, can you do it without all that painful or uncomfortable stretching of fingers? Before you rush into saying that you can with the Nova Launcher for Android devices and on those Chinese overlays, take a look at what we have to say.

If you’re even quite a bit familiarized with this problem on different manufacturers, you already know that TouchWiz users aren’t the only ones unhappy about the issue. LG and Sony users are pretty much in the same situation. Still, to answer your particular question for the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, and Note devices, we have prepared the following instructions. And no, it does not involve using a third-party launcher!


In Order To Pull Down Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus Notifications Without Touching Notification Shade…

  1. Go to the Settings menu;
  2. Find the Accessibility section listed in there;
  3. Select the tab of Dexterity & Interaction;
  4. Finally, launch the Assistant Menu;
  5. Enable the Assistant Menu from its dedicated switch and expect to see a blue circle popping up on the display, near the right edge;
  6. Drag and drop that circle in whatever area of the screen you want, making sure it won’t bother you;
  7. Choose the shortcuts you want this blue circle to include, right from that menu, and leave the settings when you’re done configuring it.


Needless to say, once you get back to your Home Screen and start operating, you should be able to use that small floating circle for various shortcut commands. One of them is, obviously, the one that automatically dismisses notifications. By using it, you will no longer have to go all the way to the top of the screen, stretching your finger only to that blue icon. And it’s only up to you where you place it on the screen. So, always look for that virtual back key shortcut from the blue icon, tap it and expect the Notification Shade to drop down instantly.

As surprising as it may all seem to you, this is no novelty. TouchWiz users of the past 3 editions had access to it, many of them without being aware of this functionality. Lucky you, the alternatives can now be left aside because you can make the best of the oversized screen of your Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Note, without having to use third-party apps or foreign UIs. You now know how to pull down the Notification Shade without stretching.

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