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Samsung Galaxy S9: Enable Video Optimization

Video Optimization is the kind of feature that will certainly catch your eye if you happen to get to it. Especially if you’re an Android fan and you’re familiarized with the previous settings, you’ll instantly notice that this is a new feature of the Android OS that came with Samsung Galaxy S9 devices. And like any other new feature, particularly because it is connected to your video experiences, you will want to try it.

What you get if you enable video optimization on your brand-new smartphone is a series of cool features. We’re talking contrast, brightness, and saturation, plus some other essential features related to graphics, all of which will contribute to an enhanced video experience. How would you like to try this for yourself?


Looking For Video Optimization Feature On Samsung Galaxy S9?

  1. Make your way to the Settings app – as you probably know, you can do this either from the App Drawer (on the Home Screen) or from the Notification Shade (by swiping down from the top of the display);
  2. Navigate through the Settings listed in there – your goal here is to find a particular menu labeled as Advanced Functions and to bring it up once you spot it;
  3. Look at all the features from the Advanced Functions – you should easily spot the Video Optimization feature listed in there;
  4. Select Video Optimization – this action will result in automatically changing its status, so, if it was set to Off, it should now switch to On.

And there you are, after four simple steps within the settings of your smartphone, video optimization is ready to kick in. From now on, regardless if you’re watching videos with the stock app Video Player or with VLC, YouTube, Google Play and many other apps, you should notice the difference. Go on and enable the Samsung Galaxy S9 auto video optimization to make the best of this competitive smartphone.

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