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Samsung Galaxy S9: Hide App Drawer And Show All Apps On Home Screen

Remember that article where we talked about the experimental feature called Galaxy Labs? It turns out that, if you really want to get rid of the App Drawer from your Samsung Galaxy S9, you can do it with the same Galaxy Labs feature. Naturally, this would imply keeping all your apps and widgets displayed on the Home Screen. And if you have quite a lot of apps installed, you’ll also have a lot of panels on your Home Screen. And you’ll probably have to do a lot of swiping from one panel to another, to get to the app that you’re interested in.


Then again, you also have the option of creating folders on that Home Screen, so you can group common apps in a simpler and more accessible way. Long story short, if you are really determined to hide the App Drawer and to make all the apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9 show on the Home Screen, nothing should stop you from doing that.

Of course, the challenge would be to find out from where you can activate Galaxy Labs and this special option. After that, you’re free to make as many experiments as you want – you’ll figure out how to list all of your apps in the most suitable format. So, let’s get down to the essence of this problem.


How To Get To The Galaxy Labs Tab:

  1. First, you need to get to the Settings page – you can do it from the App Drawer that you are about to remove or from the Notification Shade, by swiping down at the top of the screen;
  2. Second, you must go to the Advanced Features section;
  3. Once you enter the Advanced Features, you’ll spot the Galaxy Labs tab right away – tap on it to access this experimental feature and all of its options.

Noteif you don’t see the Galaxy Labs option on the Advanced Features, your carrier isn’t giving you access to it!


How To Make The App Drawer Disappear:

  1. Within the Galaxy Labs page, you must select the Start menu;
  2. In there, look for the option labeled as “Show all apps on Home Screen”;
  3. Select that option and expect to receive a notification where you are specifically asked to confirm the action;
  4. Tap the OK button in that window and then you can consider the action completed and leave the settings.

All these being said and done, the App Drawer will miraculously disappear. Speaking of which, at the activation of this feature, your Samsung Galaxy S9 will no longer display the widget icons on the Home Screen. To have them listed among the apps, you must manually add them back to the Home Screen!

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