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Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Fix Email Not Working Properly

From the gazillions of apps already running on your new Samsung Galaxy S9, the e-mail app is probably one of the most used, on a daily basis. Some people just like to check up their personal emails, others can’t help but check their work-related messages. You might even be doing both since no one is stopping you from configuring more than one email account on the same device. But the number of accounts isn’t the issue here. You may have three different accounts and juggle between without issues and you might have only one and discover that it isn’t working properly…

At first, you might think it’s just a bug or that you’ve had an internet connection issue preventing the app from synchronizing with the server and updating your account. Nevertheless, if, through time, you notice that you’re not getting all of your emails or you can’t remove some of them, chances are you are looking at a Samsung Galaxy S9 email problem. You’ll see, it isn’t necessarily the most common malfunction that can occur on your smartphone. Still, if you care about using your email app properly, you will want to deal with it as soon as you’ll finish reading our tutorial.


How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S9 Email Not Working Properly?

Options You Could Try On Your Own:

  1. Reset that email account
  2. Switch to a different app
  3. Clean the system cache


Options You Might End Up With:

  1. Ask a technician to look into it

Now, allow us to take things one at a time. Begin with things that are in your power and that you can control, like the first three options listed above. If nothing works, you will want to let a professional handle the issue, whether it’s your work IT administrator or a Samsung technician from an authorized center (obviously, the latter is for issues with your personal e-mail account).


If you reset the email, you will be able to reconfigure the email app and to add the very same account that was making you problems before. When you reconfigure it, you should be able to see all of your messages in it, so, you’re not losing anything.

If you want to change the app, there are plenty of options to try out in the Galaxy Store. You have Mailbox and you have Gmail, you have Outlook and many others. Really, it’s something worth trying, especially if you’ve never used anything but the stock email app.


If you clean the system cache, you can overstep bugs and glitches caused by an overwhelmed cache. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S9 and simultaneously tap Power, Home, Volume Up. Let go of them when the Android logo appears on the screen and go to Wipe Cache Partition by using the Volume Down key now that you’re in the Recovery Menu. Activate the wiping from the Power button and don’t forget to use Reboot System Now, in the end, to leave this mode. Back to the normal running mode, check your app.

If you’re running out of options, remember that you can ask for help from other people. For your work email account, the network administrator should be able to take a look at it and see what’s wrong with your email’s settings. For your personal email, you might want to use the warranty or even just pay for a checkup in an authorized service. These are the main things you can try when the Samsung Galaxy S9 email is not working properly!

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