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Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Show All Apps On Home Screen

If you’ve never tried using any other smartphone than the Samsung models, you’re probably quite familiarized with having your apps in more than one place. But let’s just assume you have at least once seen an Apple device and couldn’t help but notice how it has no App Drawer, only a Home Screen to display all the available apps.


It kind of makes you wonder why does your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus need to use both the Home Screen and the App Drawer to display the same things? And here’s your answer…

Technically, the two of them don’t display the same things. That’s because the app icons show up in the Drawer but they don’t necessarily have to show up on the Home Screen as well. The purpose of the Home Screen icons, as far as we can tell, was to give you quicker access to some apps and spare you from having to juggle with all the apps from your phone just so you can find the one you need.


If you don’t normally bother deciding what apps to keep on the Home Screen and what apps to remove, you’ll probably be just as good if you decide to let them all sit on the Home Screen. Naturally, you might have to work a little bit and organize them in folders, so it won’t take you ages to spot one tiny icon. But other than that, you can make the change and be sure that your Samsung Galaxy S9 will show all apps on the Home Screen alone

As for the part that you were anxiously waiting, in order to make this change, you have to activate a special dedicated function located within the Galaxy Labs menu. Go check the settings of the Samsung Galaxy S9, bring up the Galaxy Labs with all its special features, and make the App Drawer go away!

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