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Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Show All Apps On Home Screen

This idea of having all your apps listed right on the Home Screen and nowhere else might not be very common among Samsung Galaxy S9 users. iOS users, on the other hand, know it as the only way of displaying apps because, as you probably heard, iOS devices don’t have the App Drawer. And if you think of it, you might not be able to totally understand the reasons why Android devices let you display the same apps in two different places, on the Home Screen and in the App Drawer, at the same time…


What you know for a fact, as a Samsung Galaxy S9 owner, is that you have all your apps and widgets in the App Drawer and you can choose what apps to stay on the Home Screen. What you probably don’t know is that you can get rid of the App Drawer and make all your apps show up on the Home Screen. Of course, one can always choose to ignore the drawer and focus on the Home Screen alone. But what if you’re not that person?

Assuming you’re the type who likes to simplify the Galaxy experience as much as possible, you will want a permanent solution to this issue, right? To cut the suspense, we have to say that your permanent solution is called Galaxy Labs. This special submenu from the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus will give you what you want and… a lot more. If you really want to get to know it, stick around – we have a special article in place for this experimental feature!

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