Samsung Galaxy S9 IMEI Lookup

IMEI is the abbreviation of five essential words for your Samsung Galaxy S9: International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. The detailed name alone should help you get an accurate sense of its importance. But if you still need extra details, let us just say that the code will act as a unique number that all GSM networks from around the world should know of and be able to verify with IMEI on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

  • Want to buy a used Samsung Galaxy S9? Check its IMEI number first, to make sure it hasn’t been blacklisted or declared stolen.
  • Want to report that your Samsung Galaxy S9 was stolen? Let the GSM network operator know about it and prove that you’re the owner by providing the IMEI.


From Verizon and Sprint to AT&T and T-Mobile, they all work with these codes. And while the situations described above might not seem too common, the truth is that it doesn’t matter. It can only happen to you once and, if you don’t know the IMEI, you might be in real trouble. So, don’t waste time, check your smartphone right away, get the code, and write it down!


The 3 different places where you can look for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus IMEI Number are…

  1. On the original packaging;
  2. In the phone app;
  3. In the Settings menu.


Imagine now, just how easy would it be for you to pick the original package of the Samsung phone, take a short look at it, and suddenly identify its IMEI number on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus? If only you’d remember where you have stored it… Even worse, if only you’d remember whether you’ve kept it or you’ve thrown it away…

Assuming you have no original box at hand, the phone app is the next place where you can easily check this important piece of information. Then again, it’s not like you have it stored in there. The information is hidden and you will have to use a special code to unlock it. This code is a so-called service code, something that once typed within the phone app will automatically lead to a particular action. In this situation, the action would be to display on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 its unique 15-digit IMEI code. In case you were wondering, that service code is *#06#.

Last but not least, if you can’t recall the code or you’re too lazy to use it, you have this option of going through the Settings. Within the General Settings menu, at the Device Information tab, you’ll find the Status submenu. Tap on it and take a good look at all that list of details, tech details of your Samsung Galaxy S9. One of them will be the IMEI number.

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