Samsung Note 8: How To Lock Apps

It doesn’t take much guesswork for us to realize that you keep a lot of important data on your Samsung Note 8. Just the same, we can realize and even anticipate how much you need to protect your files. Whether it’s work or personal related information, you can never know when something might happen and not getting that data back could prove to be a tragedy for you.

If you are seriously concerned about data protection, you probably have a backup in place and you certainly keep your Samsung Note 8 locked with a screen password. But don’t you think that someone could spot your password when you’re typing it in a public space? If that’s the case, your protection will be useless and you’ll have to agree with us that extra measures need to be taken into account.


In today’s article, we’d like to show you an alternative data protection method, one that implies locking certain apps on the Samsung Note 8. Just to give you a hint, some of the apps and features that you can lock with a dedicated third-party app are the Facebook app, your Camera app, and even your Gallery app.


As always, we recommend you to download third-party apps from authorized sources only, starting with Google Play. In there, you can find plenty of dedicated lock apps and see what other users had to say about it. With such an app installed, you can be sure that even if someone will find out your lock screen code, it will be useless to them because your data is locked.

Coming up next, we’ll recommend you to try out the AppLock and we’ll give you a few details on how to make the best of it. The main aspects were already suggested, you should just go to the Google Play Store, search for the AppLock in the search box, and install that app.


Discovering AppLock Option For How To Lock Apps On Note 8

Then, you can launch it and start configuring your account. Mainly, you will be asked to create a personal password and to associate a personal security email to it. Needless to say, you’ll have to keep that password in mind if you want to keep your access to the data that you are about to lock using the AppLock.

After this initial step, you can add locks to multiple applications from your phone. We strongly advise you to start by locking only one app, to see how it goes and to make sure you understood the process. When you’re happy with how it works, go on to locking any other app that you want, be it YouTube, Instagram, Messenger, whatever.


Like mentioned, you can lock not only individual apps, but also video and photo vaults, so try that one too! When you’re done with the locking settings, leave the AppLock and use your phone like any other user. You’ll see that when you try to access a locked content, you will be asked to provide that password. If you get bored or find some settings unnecessary, log back into the app and unlock that app or vault manually.

All these being said, we trust you’re going to like our suggestion on how to lock apps on the Samsung Note 8. If not, feel free to search for many other app lock options within the Play Store.

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