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Screen Recorder On Samsung Galaxy S9

Everybody knows that a Samsung Galaxy S9 can be easily used for taking screenshots. Of course, not everyone needs to immortalize the content of their smartphone’s screen at a given time, but it’s good to know that, if and when something unexpected shows up on the display, it can be captured for later use. But what if we’d tell you that you can also record the content of your screen?

As an avid game player, you’re probably anxiously rubbing your hands at the thought of it. Of course, despite the similarities between these two actions, screenshots are easier to take. That’s because you only need a simple combination of the hard keys to take that snapshot. With recording, however, you will have to use a dedicated app. No, it’s not something installed by default on the Samsung Galaxy S9 – that would have been extremely tempting, yet it isn’t the case right now.


Have no fear, we’re not here to just tell you that you have to install a third-party app and leave you as clueless as you were before. We actually have a suggestion for you, an app that many Samsung Galaxy S9 users, like other Android users, have successfully tested so far.

The app that you’re going to need for the Galaxy S9 screen recorder is the AZ Screen Recorder – No Root. You’ll obviously find it in the Play Store, from where you can download it almost instantly. And once you do that, recording your screen will be so easy that even a kid will do it!

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