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Screen Rotation In Status Bar Not Available On Galaxy S9

The status bar holds some of the simplest and most common features of a Samsung Galaxy S9. Among many other things, it will help you to change the orientation of the display, as you need or as you see fit. And whether you keep it on horizontal or vertical, the current selection should be visible and easy to adjust from the status bar, with the dedicated Screen Rotation icon.


What’s this question that we’re getting regarding the lack of this option? If you have it too, you’re not the only one but you should know that the Screen Rotation feature hasn’t really gone from the status bar, not even on the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus!

It might have a new name and its icon might be changed, but it’s still there. So, the reason for all this confusion and the questions you’re having is the update of the OS version. Of course, the fact that the icon changes depending on whether it is set to Rotate Screen or Portrait makes it a little less intuitive. But that’s why we’re here, to show you that, with a bit of patience and some extra knowledge, you’ll spot it in an instant!


To Cut To The Chase, The Status Bar Still Holds The Icon For Screen Rotation. Specifically…

  1. If your phone is set to switch from horizontal to vertical or the other way around by default, you will see the Rotate Screen label in the Status Bar;
  2. If, on the contrary, the phone is set to keep the screen locked and not change its position when you tilt it, you will see the Portrait label in the Status Bar.

So, you just take a minute and closely look at the Status Bar of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Which icon you’ll find first in there? No matter if it’s the Rotate Screen or the Portrait, suffices to tap it and you’ll select the opposite alternative. Now you know what to do when the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen rotation in status bar doesn’t seem available!

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