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Screen Rotation In Status Bar Not Available On Samsung Galaxy S9 – Solved

From all the new things you’d expect to get on your Samsung Galaxy S9, not being able to find the Screen Rotation function in the Status Bar is probably not one of them. Yet here you are, surfing the web and asking around if there’s any chance you can make it show up again, after the latest software update…

As it turns out, many Galaxy users go through this unpleasant experience when updating the operating system. But as annoying as it seems when standing in your shoes, you’ll be happy to hear that the Screen Rotation in Status Bar is not available‚Ķ as you knew it!


By “as you knew it” we mean in the same position and with the same symbol as it used to be. Still, the option is ready to use and you’re probably looking at it without even knowing it. Confused?

Let us kill the suspense and tell you that the most recent update you have performed on the Samsung Galaxy S9 resulted, among other things, in a change of symbols and labels, at least with regard to the Screen Rotation.


So now, instead of the classic Screen Rotation symbol that you got used to, chances are you’ll see the Portrait icon or the Rotate Screen icon – it all depends on the current selection and it can change from one into another with just one tap on the active icon.

Instead of searching specifically for the Screen Rotation, go through all the icons from there until you either find the Rotate Screen or the Portrait symbol. Hopefully, this has solved the conundrum with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Rotation in Status Bar not being available.

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