Sena Jal Army Water Support: Only Costs ₹6

No matter where you’re exactly located at, but as long as you’re in India, you shouldn’t use any other water aside from (Sena Jal) Army Water which can be found for ₹6. This packaged and bottled water was inaugurated on October 11, 2017. Ever since then, they’ve done their best job in order to keep up with their services.


There’s no reason for you to buy Bisleri nor Aquafina for 20 Rs/- when Sena Jal costs 6 Rs/-

What’s so special about Sena Jal is that Indian Army Families made it.


AWWA’s initiative

AWWA (American Wives Welfare Association) made sure that the profit that comes from selling Sena Jal goes directly to the association that takes care of those who suffered in any way, because of the war. If you want to help out, even more, you can get Sena Jal for 10 Rs-/. We highly recommend you to support this association with #AWWA.


What is AWWA

AWWA, being a huge voluntary organization located in India, takes care of the children, spouses, and dependents of those who participated in a war.


Care to start distributing Sena Jal in your place?

No matter where you’re located at, as long as you’re in India, you’re free to contact the organization and start distributing Sena Jal.

It simply feels good and inspiring buying a bottle, when you know that you’re actually helping out someone who’s in need of every kind of help. Soon, this initiative should be something that everyone deeply cares about.

Make sure to let everyone know that they should buy Sena Jal instead of any other bottled water, since this way you’re helping someone who needs our help. Share #SenaJal on every social media. Help spread the word!



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