Top 6 Solutions To Fix Galaxy S8 Apps Keep Crashing

In the world of technology, we don’t expect things to run smoothly all of the time. And when problems show up with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or even a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, we look at it as to an isolated incident. However, when isolated incidents seem to repeat, patterns are easy to distinguish. Consequently, certain problems that tend to show up more often than others are put under scrutiny. This is how we came to compiling the 6 most common solutions for a series of Galaxy S8 problems that show up on many different devices…

As you can expect, the causes of all these problems can vary. Anything from an outdated software version to how you’re using the resources of a device might have an impact on the functionality of the smartphone, making it crash. At first, you could notice that a simple reboot will work it out but expect for certain instances when even a factory reset might be required.

So, without further ado, let us show you the six things that we discovered to work with a Galaxy S8 that keeps crashing, more often than any other solution out there!


Solution #1 – Consider An Update Of Operating System

Software updates are usually a big thing for the system as they are meant, from the start, to bring some significant improvements. Now, your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus would normally notify you that there is a software update in pending. But just in case you’ve overlooked that notification and you’ve now seen that the phone keeps crashing, check out this option. Go to settings and see if you have any available software update to install. If you do, run it right away!


Solution #2 – Consider A Third-Party App That Isn’t Working Properly

Just because you’re running on the latest OS version doesn’t mean you’re clear from any other software issue. Problems with individual apps are also common and it can even be an app that was running in the background. You didn’t know of it and, consequently, you didn’t even think that it might be the cause of all those crashes. But if you can suspect a particular app, look up for it online and see if other users are sharing your concerns. The reviews from the Play Store will be particularly helpful and that’s also where you can see if an upgrade will come for it anytime soon. To be clear, if there’s no sign that the developer is willing to improve it in the near future, you might as well give up on that app right now.


Solution #3 – Consider Performing A Factory Reset On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

This is the ultimate solution for software problems that you cannot seem to identify. If none of the first two options works, it might help to initiate a factory reset. And when you start with your phone from scratch, if the problem persists, you can clearly tell it’s not a software issue. Hopefully, the reset will solve your problem and you will be able to restore the backup that you created in advance. Because no, you won’t factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S8 without performing a backup of your most important data first!


Solution #4 – Consider Something As Simple As… A Memory Glitch

Memory problems don’t always have to be about insufficient storage or running space. It can also be a simple glitch that you will fix with a simple restart. Especially when the phone keeps crashing after a factory reset, it won’t hurt to try performing restarts after these crashes. Soon enough, you might be surprised with the power of a simple reboot.


Solution #5 – Consider Another Memory Problem, This Time With Cache

Every now and then, your phone’s cache memory can get overloaded. Clearing the cache is harmless, without a doubt, and it often brings significant performance improvements right away. To try this option, go to Manage Applications within the Apps icon and find the app that seems to trigger the crashes most often. Select that app and use the options dedicated to it, Clear Data respectively Clear Cache. If there are other apps that you happen to run when the Galaxy S8 starts crashing, do the same with those as well.


Solution #6 – Consider A Problem With Physical Memory Of Device

Yeah, that can happen too and when you’re running out of memory, some apps that would normally need more free memory can start acting crazy, thus making your device to crash. The only thing you can do about it is to ditch everything that you no longer need or use. From old third-party apps to old media files, uninstall and delete everything unnecessary.

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps crashing even after going through all these solutions… Maybe a technician can look into some hardware problems and decide that it needs a replacement?

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