AT&T Gives Big Upgrade To International Passport Plans

Frequent international travelers probably know they pain of having to pay excessive prices for an international plan while you’re out of the country. These high fees have driven many to not even use their smartphone for SMS, calling or using data while internationally.

But there’s finally some good news for these people that have AT&T as a wireless provider. It originally offered 200 MB of data starting at $40 per month.


Pricing For New International Passport Plans

The company is now offering two versions of its International Passport with either 1GB or 3GB data to customers who sign up for the plan. The prices for these packages are set at 1 GB of data for $60 per month and 3 GB of data for $120 per month. This is a big upgrade from the original offering for these same products in terms of data availability. You’ll be able to sign-up for these plans either as a recurring monthly fee or as a one time fee for the service. Below is a comparison between the two package offerings for the International Passport from AT&T:



Both of these Passport plans will allow for unlimited texting and unlimited WiFi at specific hotspots via the AT&T Global app. If you want to make a call internationally, you’ll only need to pay $0.35 per minute with any country around the world.

For those that would prefer a smaller packaging if you’re not traveling internationally for 30 days or more, you can also purchase an International Day Pass from AT&T for only $10 per day. This is a great alternative for those looking to use their phones abroad for only a day or two during the month and want to avoid paying the high monthly prices for the International Passport plans.

It should be noted that before you go to make a purchase of one of these International Passport plans, it’s suggested to do some research on your destination and the city’s WiFi offering in the city. Many of the major cities like Tokyo and New York City offer free WiFi to visitors and you can completely avoid having to extra fees for plans when traveling abroad.

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